Friday, July 12, 2013

Best Friends

Among my grandmother's things, this old "Real Photo" postcard always stood out. I believe the woman on the left is my grandmother Pearl Eugenia Walmach's sister Dodice, though it looks so much like her that sometimes I think it's her. It dates from a time when her father, my great-grandfather Herman Herbert Walmach, ran a boarding house in Yakima, probably around 1910 or so. On the back is this message: "Dear Sister & Brother, This Picture was taken one noon. The girl that is with me is a stripers [sic] daughter. Her name is Lunetta Murphy. It isn't a very good picture but it shows you how I look when I am working. Your loving Sis, Dodice." This makes me wonder about the exact nature of the boarding house, or perhaps its neighboring establishments! But I have always loved this image.

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