Friday, July 12, 2013

Bob Woodhouse in the lab ...

Among my parents' photos are a number taken in the laboratories of the Lighting Research Division of GE at NELA Park. This one shows my dad's old friend, Bob Woodhouse, at work (far left). Bob was a bit of a genius, a bit of a raconteur, and a bit of a geek -- I have many memories of him and his family, whose cottage on the shore of Lake Erie was a frequent visiting-place in the summer. Bob was also a dedicated home electronics amateur, and built all kinds of radio receivers and transmitters from scratch. For many years, I had one of his tube receivers in my bedroom -- until one of the transformers blew! -- but I'll always remember the glow of the tubes and the warm analog sound. I'd guess this photo dates to the early 1960's -- I'm not sure who that is in the white coat in the foreground.

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